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  • All our products are as local as we can get them.
  • Fresh Live Dungeness Crab/ Cooked Dungeness Crab
  • Fresh Live Shellfish- Oysters in the shell or shucked, Mussels and Clams
  • Live Prawns (in season) Frozen Prawns, Side Stripe Shrimp, Hand Peeled Shrimp
  • Local Pacific Scallops Fresh (in season) Frozen, Local Swimming Scallops(frozen), East Coast Scallops Frozen
  • Smoked Fish Salmon, Cod, Tuna
  • Fresh ( In Season) & Frozen Halibut, Salmon & Cod. Whats fresh with the boat is whats fresh in the shop
  • A varitiey of local seasonings and gift ideas
  • Always something different as the Seas are always changing so is our products. Come on down and check us out you might be surprized at what you find